Ecuador is a small country but with an infinity of landscapes, people, languages, cultures, vibes, gastronomy.
A country that translates into Diversity and Beauty.
Ecuador won´t cease to impress you.

Galapagos Cruise Ships

Galapagos Cruise Ships Featured Galapagos Island, Ecuador M/V Samba Last Minute! SE Itinerary Feb 7-14 / Feb 21-28 0 (No Review) From $2.500,00 7 days 6 nights Featured Puerto Ayora, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador Galapagos on board La Pinta or Isabella II (promo for Ecuadorian Residents) 0 (No Review) From $2.000,00 5 days 4 nights

Island hopping

Island hopping / Land Tours Featured Puerto Ayora, Ecuador Santa Cruz La Bella 0 (No Review) From $698,00 5 days 4 nights Puerto Villamil, Ecuador Escape to Isabela 0 (No Review) From $840,00 4 days 3 nigths Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador San Cristobal and Santa Cruz: Galapagos 0 (No Review) $0,00 5 days 4 nights

Central Andes

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Ecoaventuras Taking advantage of Cuenca surroundings which are full of amazing mountains, flora and fauna, ancestral trails and ruins; we regularly organize safe and slow hiking tours, allowing tourists to fully understand the geography of “Guapondelig” (Cañari name of the city of Cuenca that means: Valley as big as the sky) This hikes have easy […]

Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park Tour West of Cuenca and up the mountain, lays an extensive area full of amazing landscapes, lagoons, waterfalls and forests, house of endemic species of birds and flora. The Cajas National park was officially added to the Protected Areas of Ecuador in 1977, and ranges in altitude from 3.160 to 4.450 meters […]


Pictures of our last trip to Peru. August 2022 PERÚ The third largest country in SouthAmerica extends South of Ecuador on an area of 1.2 millions of square kilometers to Chile and Bolivia, and borders East with Brazil`s huge Amazon Rainforest. With an amazing itinerary we show you the highlights of Perú, with the option […]


Andes The Andes Cordillera is the longest continental cordillera of Earth with 8500 km, it stretches from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia, and marks the border between Argentina and Chile all the way south to Tierra del Fuego. It is a vivid part of the Pacific Belt of Fire with many volcanoes, some of […]

Amazon jungle

Amazon The Amazon biome occupies most of the Amazon Basin of SouthAmerica, a once flooded land joining the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, it is now separated from the Pacific by the Andes Mountains. And even though 83% of its area is contained in Brazil, Peú and Colombia, Ecuador holds many untouched and protected national parks […]


Coast Surfing? Beach? Kayaking? Diving? Amazing food? all is possible at Ecuador`s coast. Our best offers in the coast are Whale watching (yes, Humpback Whales visit the coast in the middle of the year to train their cute calfs), snorkeling and scuba-diving, to finish the day with a cold beer and some delicious green plantain […]

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