The Andes Cordillera is the longest continental cordillera of Earth with 8500 km, it stretches from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia, and marks the border between Argentina and Chile all the way south to Tierra del Fuego.
It is a vivid part of the Pacific Belt of Fire with many volcanoes, some of the active ones are Cotopaxi, Cuicocha, and some inactive ones like the tall Chimborazo as tal as 6263 meters above sea level, making it the closest place to the sun from our world. The thermal springs in Ecuador are magic and marvelous, our favorite is close to Cuenca called Baños, where you can chill after a hike in the Cajas National Park or a walk along the side of the city`s 4 rivers.

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Saraguro, Ecuador

The best to the South of Cuenca

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